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Sheet metalworking – from A to Z!

For more than 20 years we have been offering you a comprehensive range of sheet metalworking services. Our range of services includes the production of workpieces in toll manufacturing as well as small and medium-sized welded assemblies up to 50 tonnes in weight. Our Machinery includes a large number of CNC machine tools, which have been steadily improved or replaced with more modern machines in past decades.

Our sheet metalworking services

In 2011 we invested in a 16 metre long press brake, which is designed to be one of the most precise machines in the whole of Europe. In the first quarter 2012, a new Laser cutting machine was put into service, which has a cutting range of 16,000 x 4,000 mm.

On our Stock on hand page you can check whether we already have the material you require in stock. If you can’t find the material you want, you can still ask us. However, we will then need a short time to order the metal sheets.

Sheet metalworking up to 16 metres long!

These two machines enable us now to machine large parts up to a length of 16 metres. By combining the two machines, we ensure that both the sheet cutting and the forming of the sheet metal parts continue to be carried out under one roof. This saves lots of time and your order is therefore finished earlier.

Quality is important at Rime. We have our production processes audited regularly by TÜV Thüringen e.V. and have been certified to DIN ISO 9001 since 2003. We also fulfil all the manufacturer qualification standards to EN 1090-2 EXC 2 and are therefore a certified company for the construction and welding of structural members.

Bending in Saxony

Sheet Metalworking

Rime is one of the few firms in Saxony able to bend metal sheets with a length of 16 metres. Bending is one of the most important capabilities we have for Sheet metal machining. We have five brake presses, of which two machines are operated in tandem. We are therefore able to bend metal sheets up to a length of 16,000 mm. If we operate the tandem press brake as individual machines, we have a total of three machines with a machining length of 8,000 mm and thanks to this high capacity we can complete orders in the shortest possible time.

The force required grows exponentially in proportion to the material thickness. For our maximum possible length of 16,000 mm the machine has to build up a pressing force (tonnage) of over 150 tonnes per metre. The maximum force of 2,500 tonnes is reached. This output enables us to bend up to 30 mm thick steel sheets over a full length of 16,000 mm. Our smaller machines are perfect for bending shorter and thinner metal sheets.